Miranda (Shurtleff) Jenks

I started with NACCAS in January 2009 after spending several years teaching public school. 

Upon moving to the DC area, I decided that it was time for a change from public education. No sooner did I discover NACCAS and my love affair with accreditation began.

Nearly seven (7) years later I have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience working with hundreds of accredited and unaccredited schools seeking to work their way through the accreditation process.

As an Accreditation Manager, I was able to lead hundreds of on-site school visits (announced or unannounced) and train dozens of new NACCAS Accreditation Staff to work with schools just like you.  I was even given the opportunity to be a manager at the new Utah Satellite Office, which opened in March of 2014.

During my many years with NACCAS, I was able to work directly with schools, Commissioners, and NACCAS Management to aide in creating policy and procedures to support the NACCAS Standards and Criteria.

My great love while being at NACCAS, besides being on-site with schools, was being able to teach at 23 NACCAS Workshops. I led general sessions on the Standards and Criteria, as well as break out classes ranging in topics from Refund Policies to Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) to Creating an ISS and Preparing for an On-Site Visit.

Being able to work with schools directly, either while on-site or during the NACCAS Workshops was and is my passion. My years of experience and my drive to support each school in its individual accreditation journey is what led me to form Compliance Cycle.

Just as each of you are preparing your students to be independent and successful professionals, my goal is to support your school in becoming a successful, compliant and accredited institution.